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On The Way To The Governor’s Desk: A Bill To Improve Medi-Cal Quality Of Care

Andrew Nixon
Capital Public Radio
The California State Capitol Building in Sacramento (file photo)

California’s legislative session ends on Friday, which means it’s a marathon week in Sacramento as state lawmakers rush to pass bills and get them onto Governor Jerry Brown’s desk to be signed into law—or else wait until 2019 to reintroduce their legislation and begin the process all over again.

Assembly Bill 2275, a health care policy bill introduced by Fresno County Assemblymember Joaquin Arambula, is one of the many pieces of legislation nearly at the governor’s desk. The bill, which aims to improve accountability and quality of care among Medi-Cal managed care plans, hasn’t gotten much attention outside legislative chambers—but many expect it would be vitally important for the state’s millions of Medi-Cal recipients. Listen to the audio for an interview with FM89’s Kerry Klein about what AB 2275 entails, why it’s important, and how likely it is to be signed into law.