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Clovis Hospital To Add 144 Private Beds

Community Medical Centers
Clovis Community Medical Center's 190,000-square-foot addition will add a 5-story tower, 144 private inpatient beds, and new emergency room, pharmacy and lab space.

Fresno area hospitals are about to get bigger with an expansion planned for Clovis Community Medical Center.

Next month, the hospital will begin construction on 190,000 square feet of new space. It’ll almost double the hospital’s inpatient capacity with 144 new beds—all in private rooms—and it’ll expand the emergency room, pharmacy and labs.

Community Medical Centers CEO Tim Joslin says it’s all in response to the area’s growing medical needs.

“We do need a lot of inpatient beds in this area, we do need to expand our emergency departments, and we’re very excited in the short run that we’re going to be able to add capacity and help fix some of those issues,” he says.

The expansion will include a 5-story tower, a parking garage and an administrative building.

The price tag: $390 million, which Joslin says will come out of operations funds and donations. Afterward, Joslin anticipates hiring more than 400 new employees. “And we’ll be done within 4 years,” he says. “We’ll be completed in August of 2022.”

The hospital’s new 100,000-square-foot cancer center will be unveiled this summer.

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