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California Health Insurers: "Some People Will Pay More, Some People Will Pay Less"


California health insurers say the wave of individual policy cancelations across the country is part of an “evening out” of health care rules under the Affordable Care Act. Pauline Bartolone has more from Sacramento.

At least 350,000 Californians who currently purchase health insurance will have that coverage canceled this year. Health insurers say they have to comply with new rules that guarantee broad coverage. Some will pay more, some will pay less.

“These are whole new policies, with whole new networks,” says Nicole Evans with the California Association of Health Plans. She says people shopping for individual insurance next year should check to see if their preferred doctors are included. Some health plans will have fewer providers.

“There will be a range of networks available through Covered California. Some will be smaller and more tailored, and some will be very broad and offer a lot of options. So folks should be sure to do their homework and figure out what they can afford and what they’re looking for.”

The cancelations and changes in the individual health insurance market affect a small portion of Californians. Only six percent of people in the state buy their own coverage. 

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