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California Lawmakers Call for Audit of Mental Health Services Act

Some California lawmakers are calling for a closer look into a state fund for county mental health programs.

The Mental Health Services Act has brought in more than $8 billion since it was enacted in 2004. Republican State Assemblyman Dan Logue says he requested an audit of the funds after he heard reports of money spent on activities not clearly connected to mental health.

“If the basics are being sacrificed for programs that have proven and have shown no benefit whatsoever, then there needs to be a reevaluation of where these funds go.”

Democratic State Senator Darrell Steinberg help author Proposition 63, an income tax on millionaires. He says tens of thousands of people benefit from the Act, and it has saved lives.

“What may seem odd or frivolous to some, may be the only way or an effective way to help access to people who have not received their share of funding and have not received care.”

Steinberg says most of Prop 63 money is going towards services for the mentally ill, and a smaller portion is being spent on prevention.