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Fresno's Shelter-In-Place Order Extended, And Now Requires Masks

City of Fresno Facebook
Fresno Mayor Lee Brand, alongside an interpreter, announced with a virtual press conference that the city's shelter-in-place order has been extended through May.

The city of Fresno is extending its shelter-in-place order through the end of May. The extension includes a provision requiring residents to wear face coverings when working or out on essential business, like grocery shopping. 

The updated order and mask requirement go into effect on May 7. During a virtual media briefing, Mayor Lee Brand said that residents won’t be fined for not wearing masks, but may not be allowed in businesses without one. Brand also said the city will allow some non-essential businesses to reopen, as long as they have measures to ensure staff and client safety. 

“We’ll reevaluate each phase of reopening after the initial two weeks to measure if there are any impacts on public health indicators,” said Brand. “If the indicators worsen we may roll back things. If the indicators improve we will roll out the next phase of reopening.”

Brand said the city will announce next week which industries and businesses can reopen.  

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