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Don't Accidentally Toss Your Ballot! What Fresno, Madera, Mariposa County Voters Need To Know

Brandi Orth and Rebecca Martinez are the county clerks and registrars of voters for Fresno and Madera Counties, respectively. Orth and Martinez say Election Day will go smoothly if voters know what to expect under the Voters Choice Act Model.

California has moved its primary election earlier in the year. Instead of June, voters will now cast their ballots in March. For Fresno and Mariposa Counties, there are other changes intended to update voting technology and increase voter turnout. Fresno and Mariposa have adopted the new Voter's Choice Act Model, which means voting centers have replaced polling places, and every voter is mailed a ballot. Madera County adopted the model in 2018. 


Listen to the interview above to hear Fresno County Clerk and Registrar of Voters Brandi Orth and Rebecca Martinez, Clerk and Registrar of Voters in Madera County explain what's new this election, and how to avoid long lines on Election Day.

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