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Madera DA Faces Censure For Alleged Racism, Sexism

Kerry Klein
Valley Public Radio
Madera County District Attorney David Linn

The Madera County Board of Supervisors voted today to censure the county district attorney.

The workplace conduct of Madera County District Attorney David Linn was the subject of a special meeting this morning by the county board of supervisors. The meeting follows months after the county hired an outside law firm to investigate allegations of Linn’s inappropriate comments and behavior.


Kimberly Horiuchi is an attorney with the firm. "District Attorney Linn engaged in sexist and sexually explicit comments to and about employees, and in one case, a female crime victim," she presented to the board. "That allegation is sustained."


Her investigation also determined that Linn had made racist remarks, including racial slurs, and abusive and threatening comments in the workplace.


In a press conference after the meeting, Linn denied the allegations, claiming they were made in retaliation for his accusations of corruption within the board of supervisors. "I believe that this is a political witch hunt," he said. "The two supervisors that spoke this morning are the two that are subject of political investigations by my office."


The county’s five supervisors voted unanimously to censure Linn and call for his resignation, but because he is an elected official, they don’t have the authority to fire him. Linn asserts he won’t resign, and says he’ll let the voters decide next year whether he should stay in office.




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