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Valley Law Enforcement Leaders Speak out Against Gun Control Ballot Measure

Fresno County Sheriff Margaret Mims

A group of valley law enforcement leaders is coming out against a gun control measure that is expected to be on this fall’s ballot.

The measure, pushed by Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom, would, among other things, limit gun magazine sizes and require a permit to purchase ammunition.

Fresno County Sheriff Margaret Mims says the measure would do nothing to prevent crime or mass shootings like the attack in San Bernardino.

“Voters should be concerned about passing any additional gun control laws. These laws will not be obeyed by terrorists, gang members, robbers or home invaders,” Mims says.

Mims was joined at a press conference today by the Kings and Mariposa County Sheriffs and several chiefs of police.

Mariposa Sheriff Doug Binnewies says he fears that the restrictions would limit his family’s ability to defend itself.

“Do I want to worry, away from my home, that my wife or my daughters don’t have the tools necessary to protect them, if needed, while they are waiting for professional law enforcement to respond?” Binnewies says.

Lt. Governor Newsom has been very vocal that the measure would give residents of California a voice to match the National Rifle Association when it comes to gun control. Some of the provisions have passed the state legislature but were ultimately vetoed by Governor Jerry Brown.

Supporters of the initiative say they have collected over 600,000 signatures but the drive is still being certified by the Secretary of State.