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Interview: Bakersfield's T.J. Esposito Says He'd Be "The People's Mayor"

T.J. Esposito

Kern County marketing firm owner T.J. Esposito brings a unique personal story to his candidacy for Bakersfield mayor.

In his youth, Esposito was a self-described cocaine and methamphetamine addict, was homeless for a time, and was convicted of several crimes, including burglary, assault and domestic violence. Since then Esposito says he has turned his life around, with a successful business and a family.

Now he is one of 25 candidates who want a chance to lead Kern County’s largest city. Esposito joined us on Valley Edition to talk about his vision of being “the people’s mayor” his thoughts on issues like homelessness, law enforcement and Bakersfield’s public perception outside of the San Joaquin Valley.

To listen to the interview click play above. 

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