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Senate Dems Call For Disgraced Yee To Resign

Another California State Senator is facing criminal allegations. Katie Orr reports from Sacramento on accusations that surfaced Wednesday against Senator Leland Yee.

In what the Senate President says sounds like a bad movie, a federal complaint alleges Yee, a Bay Area Democrat, committed wire fraud and gun trafficking. Undercover FBI agents say Yee set up meetings for them on topics ranging from legislation to arms dealing. In return, the agents made contributions to Yee’s Secretary of State campaign.

Senate Democrats reacted with shock and disgust at the allegations. Senate President Darrell Steinberg says, while Yee is innocent until proven guilty, the charges are sickening.

Steinberg: “I want to, on behalf of my colleagues today, call on Senator Yee to resign. Leave. Don’t burden your colleagues and this great institution with your troubles. Leave.” 

Many view the gun trafficking charge with particular surprise because Yee was known as a passionate gun control advocate. He’s authored several bills seeking to regulate guns and ammunition.

Yee is the third Democratic State Senator this year to face charges. Senator Ron Calderon is facing public corruption charges and Senator Rod Wright has been convicted of felony voter fraud. Both have take leaves of absence from the Senate.   

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