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Local Law Enforcement Agencies in California Implement Trust Act

Andrew Nixon
Capital Public Radio

Some local California law enforcement agencies say they won’t have to adjust their policies much under the Trust Act. As Max Pringle reports, that’s a new law prohibiting counties from holding undocumented offenders on non-serious charges until federal immigration authorities can take them into custody.

Counties like Santa Clara, Los Angeles and San Francisco have had similar laws on their books for some time. Susan Fahey with the San Francisco Sheriff’s Department says the Trust Act creates a state-wide policy, while allowing local agencies to maintain stricter standards.

Fahey: “We can only detain someone if they’ve been convicted of a violent felony seven years immediately prior to the detainer and are currently being held to answer on a current violent felony.”

The Trust Act allows for undocumented arrestees who have violent records to be held for possible deportation. The law was introduced as a reaction to the federal “Secure Communities” program. Critics said mostly low level offenders were being deported under that program.

The California Sheriffs’ Association opposed the Trust Act, saying it could complicate cooperation between local and federal agencies.

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