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Bill to Increase California's Minimum Wage Passes Legislature

Valley Public Radio

  A bill that would gradually increase the California minimum wage to $10-an-hour has passed the State legislature and is on its way to the governor. It would be the first increase in the minimum wage in six years.

Democratic Senator Bill Monning says if you’re a Californian subsisting on the current state minimum wage, you’re living a second class existence.

"You are in a second hand economy, second harvest food bank, second-hand clothing, second-hand hand-me-down everything," says Monning.

The measure would raise the current $8-an-hour  wage incrementally until 2016 when it will reach $10-an-hour. Backers say the bill will stimulate the economy. Opponents have labeled the measure a “job killer.” Here’s Republican Senator Bob Huff:

"You are saddling the job creating sector of our environment with yet more things that makes it difficult for them to create jobs," says Huff.

Governor Jerry Brown has already said he will sign the bill.

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