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Steinberg Has Blunt Words for CEQA Overhaul Backers

Andrew Nixon
Capital Public Radio

California Senate Leader Darrell Steinberg has a blunt warning for business groups backing a major overhaul of the environmental law that governs development projects in the state:

“You want to move a mile, we’ll move a mile.  You want to move 100 miles in ways that may not be good, that’s not gonna happen within this bill,” says Steinberg.

Steinberg is managing the legislative effort to modernize the California Environmental Quality Act, or CEQA He told an Assembly committee today he’s amended his bill to encourage private development in urban infill projects, not suburban sprawl.

Business groups say that proposal wouldn’t be enough to cure the abuses under current law.  Environment and labor groups are concerned the bill would weaken CEQA and hurt the environment.

The measure passed its committee vote today.  It’ll likely go through more changes before the legislature adjourns for the year in mid-September.

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