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Brown Calls On China For Shared Climate Change Commitment


California Governor Jerry Brown today is traveling from Beijing to Shanghai on China’s high-speed rail system.

The ride is meant to highlight California's interest in infrastructure projects. It’s part of Brown’s weeklong trade mission in China.

Earlier in the day, Brown spoke at China’s Tsinghua University, calling for a shared commitment to climate change. 

“We’re in one world, we’ve got one big problem and we all have to work on it. And what’s beautiful and exciting about climate change – no one group can solve the problem; not the United States, not California, not Japan, not China. We all have to do it,” said Brown.  

Brown has signed symbolic agreements helping the world's most populous nation improve its air quality and boosting trade between California and China.

Brown also announced a $1.5 billion Chinese investment in an Oakland waterfront development project that he says will create up to 10,000 jobs.