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In The Studio: How Climate Change Affects The Earth's Most Massive Trees

Anthony Ambrose, Save the Redwoods League
A scientist climbs a giant sequoia to learn more about the effects of climate change.

With the recent purchase of the Alder Creek property in the Southern Sierra Nevada, 99 percent of giant sequoias are under protective ownership. But that doesn’t mean they’re safe. A combination of climate change and fire suppression has resulted in an alarming loss of these majestic trees. FM89’s Kathleen Schock discusses the future of giant sequoias with Mike Theune, Fire Information Officer for Sequoia and Kings Canyon national parks, Rob York, Adjunct Professor of Forestry at UC Berkeley, Dr. Kristen Shive, Director of Science for Save the Redwoods League, and Adam Hernandez, instructor of wildland fire technology at Reedley College.

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