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In The Studio: Should California Insulate Itself From Federal Rollbacks Of Environmental Laws?

Sutter Basin Conservation Bank, Westervelt Geological Services
State and Federally Threatened Giant Garter Snake

State legislators have fast-tracked Senate Bill 1, the California Environmental, Public Health and Workers Defense Act of 2019. It is sweeping legislation that would lock current standards in place through January 20, 2025, the last day of Donald Trump's presidency if he were to win a second term. Proponents see SB1 as an insurance policy against potential federal rollbacks of environmental and worker safety standards. But opponents say it could stall negotiations over water supplies and hurt farmers. Moderator Kathleen Schock spoke with advocates on both sides of the issue, John Harris of Harris Farms and Kim Delfino with Defenders of Wildlife. Dr. Lisa Bryant, Assistant Professor of Political Science at Fresno State also joined the conversation.