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New Valley PBS Documentary Miniseries Looks At Water In California's Central Valley

Valley PBS
Tapped Out is a four-part, miniseries Premiering Thursday, May 4th at 8pm

Earlier this month Valley PBS launched a documentary miniseries called "Tapped Out: The History and Battle over Water in California’s San Joaquin Valley." 

The four-part series examines the history of water in California. Each episode delves into a different part of the history and future of water in the region and includes the voices of farmers, water leaders and environmentalists.

To learn more about the series filmmaker Jeff Aiello and Valley PBS' Elizabeth Laval chatted with Valley Edition Host Joe Moore Tuesday May, 9. To listen to that interview click play above. For a trailer of the series click play below. 

For complete listings of when the series visit Valley PBS.

Tapped Out Part One – May 4th at 8pm:

For the first three months of 2017, California was in a drought emergency and a flood emergency at the same time. That kind of contrast is what makes understanding the water crisis in California such a challenge. In the first part of a four-part special series, Tapped Out will take you back in time to learn what the Golden State looked like before settlement and then how early irrigation systems set the stage for the state’s first major water plan, the Central Valley Project. From over-pumping of groundwater to facing the environmental issues facing the agriculture industry in the San Joaquin Valley, discover how the past is impacting the future of farming in California.

Tapped Out Part Two – May 11th at 8pm: 
After farming got a huge boost in California with the Central Valley Project, a new, larger plan was hatched to deliver water to the population explosion in Southern California. Part Two of Tapped Out will examine the State Water Project, completed in the 1970s, and how the environmental revolution, born at the same time, changed agriculture forever in the San Joaquin Valley. As politics and greed take center stage in California, new ways to farm and to survive evolve. But without building new dams and getting precious groundwater levels to back to normal, are we prepared for the next long periods of drought?
Tapped Out Part Three – May 18th at 8pm:
As the fight over control of water in California intensifies, the environmentalist movement, powerful in Sacramento, continues to force more farms out of business with a flood of regulations impacting water delivery. But where will this eventually lead? What are the national security consequences if we become a nation that can’t grow its own food supply? Solutions that require both sides to come together may be the only way to prepare for California’s water-future.

Tapped Out A Conversation– May 25th at 8pm:
Tapped Out: A Conversation  In our previous three episodes, more questions were raised than can be answered today. Ideas abound but what is the real path forward to sustainable solutions that address the current and future needs of water in the San Joaquin Valley? Join our expert panel for a lively discussion of imminent issues and hear firsthand the disparate ways a variety of entities believe THEY have the answers. Can a workable compromise be reached in time?

Joe Moore is the President and General Manager of Valley Public Radio. During his tenure, he's helped lead the station through major programming changes and the COVID-19 pandemic, while maintaining the station's financial health. From 2010-2018 he served as the station's Director of Program Content. In that role, he also served as the host of Valley Edition, and helped launch and grow the station's award-winning local news department. He is a Fresno native and a graduate of California State University, Fresno.
Ezra David Romero is an award-winning radio reporter and producer. His stories have run on Morning Edition, Morning Edition Saturday, Morning Edition Sunday, All Things Considered, Here & Now, The Salt, Latino USA, KQED, KALW, Harvest Public Radio, etc.
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