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Control Tower Of The Terminus Dam At Lake Kaweah Flooded

U.S. Army Corp of Engineers
Terminus Dam

The control tower of the Terminus Dam at Lake Kaweah is currently full of more than 90 feet of water. The flooded tower has crippled the dam’s ability to release water.

At some point on Sunday, April 24th, a water value in the control tower broke and water began pouring into the tower, which controls the release gates on the Terminus dam.

It wasn’t until the next day when the flooding was even noticed and by then the tower was quickly filling.

Friday, divers began swimming into the tower to seal the valve and begin inspecting the damage.

Nancy Allen with the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers says they don’t know why the valve broke but there is no threat to the dam itself.

“No public safety issues at this time. We are not concerned about the safety or stability of the dam or the safety of the public. The biggest thing we are looking at right now is ensuring water supply for irrigation needs,” Allen said.

Right now, Allen says they can deliver water through mid-June. All recreational activities on Lake Kaweah are still allowed.

However, because of the extent of the damage, it will likely be a lengthy and expensive repair job.

There is no exactly time frame or price tag on the repairs.