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CNN Journalist Aims To Kayak San Joaquin River From Fresno To San Francisco

John D. Sutter
Twitter http://twitter.com/jdsutter

Journalist John D. Sutter is on a quest to do something that many valley residents do, kayak on the San Joaquin River. But instead of going for a short trip from Lost Lake Park to Highway 41, he has a much longer journey in mind - Friant Dam all the way to San Francisco Bay. 

Earlier this year, the non-profit advocacy organization America's Rivers named the San Joaquin as the "most endangered" river in the United States. That designation prompted Sutter to travel to the Central Valley to tell the story of the San Joaquin, as part of his "Change the List" project with CNN. 

Along the way Sutter has talked to dozens of people with deep ties to the river, from fishermen and environmentalists to farmers and water managers, and has documented his journey on Twitter.

Sutter joined us on Valley Edition from a spot along the river in the Grasslands Ecological Area in Merced County. We talked about his journey, the people he has met, and the challenges of navigating a waterway that is dry for around 50 miles. 

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