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Lawmakers Introduce Clean Drinking Water Legislation

Valley Public Radio

Several lawmakers introduced nine bills Wednesday they say are designed to help the more than 21 million Californians who rely on contaminated groundwater for drinking. 

Environmental groups and several Democratic legislators stood on the Capitol steps to call for an end to contaminated water.

They say so many poor communities lack access to safe drinking water that California will have to invest about $40 billion over the next two decades to solve the problem.

Democratic Assemblymember Henry T. Perea represents Fresno and parts of the Central Valley.

“Currently there are over 256 communities in the Central Valley that have been drinking from contaminated water systems. This is just simply unacceptable and this must stop now,” says Perea.

The lawmakers introduced several bills that would provide immediate aid to communities with the most severe nitrate contamination from fertilizers. The legislation would also help small and disadvantaged communities solve regional water problems.

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