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Lawmakers To Hold Hearing on "Fracking" Regulations

Joe Moore
Valley Public Radio

The controversial drilling technique known as hydraulic fracturing or “fracking” will be the subject of a joint legislative hearing at the California state Capitol today.

As Amy Quinton reports from Sacramento, recently released fracking regulations have some lawmakers concerned.

 The Department of Conservation recently released draft regulations for energy companies that inject chemicals into the ground under pressure to release oil.

The regulations would require companies to identify those chemicals unless they are considered trade secrets. Some lawmakers say the regulations aren’t tough enough to protect public health and water quality. Tupper Hull, with the Western States Petroleum Association, disagrees.

“We think state of California is on the right track in creating a framework that provides the public confidence this technology is safe and a complete understanding of about what chemicals are being used, but still maintains the very important protections for trade secrets,” says Hill.

One environmental group is suing the state for allowing fracking to expand without what it claims is legally required oversight. Regulators, environmentalists and representatives of the oil industry are scheduled to testify.

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