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Legislators and Businesses Call for "Green Chemistry" Law Delay

Some legislators and industries are asking for a delay in implementing California’s law that regulates toxic chemicals in consumer goods.

The state’s “Green Chemistry” law requires businesses to identify and find alternatives to some chemicals that could be harmful.

More than a dozen Democratic lawmakers have joined the call for a thorough analysis of the economic impact of the regulations.

Ann Grimaldi represents the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers. She says the regulations could generate unpredictable costs.

“This is a very complex regulation, it’s going to have ripple effects throughout all of California’s economy and beyond California so that kind of analysis is going to be extremely complex but necessary.”

The Department of Toxic Substances Control, which issues the regulations, says it has yet to identify which consumer products to target.

It will conduct a thorough economic analysis once that happens. The final comment period for the regulations end this week.

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