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How Will School Districts Make Up For Pandemic-Related Learning Lags?

Fresno Unified School District, The Education Trust-West, Alyson Crafton and Heather Hough
Clockwise from top left: Heather Allen, Natalie Wheatfall-Lum, Alyson Crafton, Jeremy Ward and Heather Hough

To learn how school districts plan to make up for the lost learning that occurred for many students in the past academic year, Valley Edition Host talked with Alyson Crafton, director of student services for Madera Unified, Natalie Wheatfall-Lum, director of P-16 education policy at The Education Trust-West, and Heather Hough, executive director of Policy Analysis for California Education (PACE). Also joining the conversation from Fresno Unified were Jeremy Ward, the assistant superintendent of college and career readiness and Heather Allen, executive officer for the district’s instructional division.

Kathleen Schock is the host of Valley Edition. In the show, Kathleen and the Valley Public Radio news team explore issues that matter to the residents of Central California through engaging conversations and in-depth reporting.
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