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Fresno Unified's Measure X Gets Spending Plan


The Fresno Unified School District is laying out what it plans to do if voters next month approve Measure X, a $225-million dollar measure.

The biggest single chunk, $90-million dollars, would go to constructing more classroom space and a new elementary school in Southeast Fresno. It’s part of an effort to reduce the roughly 1,000 portable classrooms still in use.

$25 million would be used to expand the district’s career and technical education, and another $50 million would go towards arts and athletic facilities like music rooms and gyms.

The remaining money would be earmarked for improving safety at schools and facility improvements like air conditioning, irrigation, and energy efficiency.

Speaking at Duncan Polytechnic School today, Superintendent Michael Hanson said this type of spending will improve actual educational outcomes.

“We see, repeatedly, when we put a new gymnasium down, a new pool down, a new band room in, a new CTE facility, a new lift where we can teach kids to do alignments, that kids thrive,” said Hanson.

Hanson also addressed criticism that the process has not been transparent saying the priority list was created with community input and is fiscally responsible. The bond requires 55% support to pass.