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Stakeholder Meetings Announced for New School Funding Formula

Andrew Nixon
Capital Public Radio

California education officials are reaching out to school districts, teachers and parents as they prepare to implement the state’s complicated new school funding system. They’re holding informational meetings starting this week at several county education offices across the state.

Karen Stapf Walters is Executive Director of the state Board of Education. She says the meetings are designed to both inform and involve the public, “to make sure that we are getting as much public input as we can from folks who have a direct stake in the process.”

Organizers will ask for recommendations on how the new system should be implemented.

The new funding formula was signed into law earlier this summer by Governor Jerry Brown as part of the state budget. It distributes more money to school districts with high amounts of low-income students and English language learners. It also gives districts more flexibility by removing some of the requirements on where the money must be spent.  

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