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Study: Hurdles Remain for California College Transfer Students


A new study shows California community college students still face obstacles when they try to transfer to the California State University system. 

Despite a law passed two years ago intended to make it easier for students to transfer to CSU, many community colleges still don’t provide acceptable degrees.

According to a study by the non-profit “Campaign for College Opportunity,” an average of just five degrees have been developed by each of the 112 community colleges.

Michelle Siqueiros, Executive Director of the non-profit, says the reasons for the difficulties vary.

“At some campuses there was a sense that because of budget cuts and because they have adjunct faculty that are teaching some of the courses that would be in the transfer degree, they would have to kind of commit to making that a permanent course offering and they were at least concerned about that,” says Siqueiros.

She says CSU also is slow to adopt many of the transfer degrees. Only four of the 22 CSU campuses have approved all of the 20 majors initially targeted. 

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