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Blacks and Latinos Gain Ground in High School Exit Exam Results

Blacks and Latinos continue to improve at a faster rate than other ethnic groups when it comes to California’s High School Exit Exam. The preliminary results from this year’s exam are out and continue several positive trends.

According to the California Department of Education, 95 percent of all twelfth graders passed the English and Math exams.

Nearly 92 percent of black students passed the exam by the time they finished the twelfth grade. More than 93 percent of Latinos did. The other groups passed at a rate right around 98 percent. Blacks and Latinos continued a trend of improving faster than whites, Filipinos and Asians.

For 2012, only the scores of special education students dropped. Many took the test even though they are not required by the state to do so. 

For all other students, passing the exam is a requirement for graduation. Students must get 55 percent of the math and 60 percent of the English questions correct to pass.

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