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Day Sponsorship

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The Dollar-a-Day Club is a popular promotion which is available only during our quarterly on-air membership campaigns.

These limited opportunities allow listeners to obtain two days of on-air messaging (Day Sponsorships) at the Dollar-A-Day price of $365/annually or $30.42/monthly.  

What are Day Sponsorships?
Day Sponsorship messages are read on-air 6 times during the broadcast day, on the reserved day of your choice.  Sponsorships are limited to two parties per day.   

Before designing your message, please review the following guidelines, which keep our station in compliance with FCC regulations.  Day Sponsorships must be used within one year of membership gift.

Messages must:

  • State who funded the message
  • Contain no qualitative or comparative language (i.e. delicious, beautiful, the best, the only, the largest, etc.)
  • Not express views with respect to any matter of controversial public importance or interest
  • Not urge listener to action
  • Not thank secondary sponsors
  • Must begin with “Today’s programming is provided in part by. . . “
  • Not to exceed 20 seconds

Sample Day Sponsorship Messages:

  • “Support for KVPR comes from Fresno Pacific University in celebration of their 40th Anniversary.”
  • “Support for KVPR comes from Jane and Roger Wilson in memory of Dr. John Smith.”
  • “Support for KVPR comes from Sylvia and John Walker in celebration of their 50th wedding anniversary.”

Messages are scheduled on a first come, first serve basis. The requested date can be scheduled up to one year in advance. We must receive complete message content 30 days prior to the reserved date. These deadlines help ensure on-air availability.

E-mail (jenglish@kvpr.org) is strongly preferred for your reservations, with the text in the body of the email, not as an attachment. For more information on Day Sponsorships contact John English or the Development Department at (559) 862-2475. Thank you for your support of Valley Public Radio.