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Big Fresno Fair To Block Unaccompanied Minors From Weekend Nights

Fresno Fair Website

A big change is coming to the Big Fresno Fair.

Starting this year, unaccompanied minors will not be allowed into the fair after 7 o’clock on Friday and Saturday nights.

Stacy Rianda with the fair says the change of rules is in reaction to occasional violence that has broken out at the fair in recent years.

“We have met with our security professionals. We have developed these policies along with the Fresno PD and our operations department. This is something that will be an added layer of security to enhance the time our patrons spend here,” Rianda says.

Rianda says this policy mirrors rules at other large events around the nation.

She says they are confident that previous problems have been caused by young people seeking to cause ‘mischief’ and thinks the new policy will help correct that. 

Police Chief Jerry Dyer released a video promising a stepped-up police presence this year.