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46,200 Immigrants Apply For Driver Licenses In First Three Days Of New Law

CA Department of Motor Vehicles

Thousands of California immigrants are taking advantage of the state’s new driver license law. According to new numbers released today, 46,200 undocumented immigrants have applied for driver licenses during the first three days since the law took effect on Friday.

The Department of Motor Vehicles revealed the following statistics:

  • 17,900 people applied on Monday, January 5
  • 11,100 people applied on Saturday, January 3
  • 17,200 people applied on Friday, January 2

During the first day, offices saw big lines throughout the state. The DMV broke down the numbers of those who passed and failed the tests on Friday.

  • Statewide Average for English Tests: 54% Pass 46% Fail
  • Statewide Average for Spanish Tests: 36% Pass 64% Fail
  • Total number of applicants to receive a driver license (Friday only): 970

The DMV expects about 1.4 million immigrants to apply for licenses under this new law, known as AB 60. Updated numbers about AB 60 statistics will be released every Tuesday.

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