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Why the ag community is confused—and concerned—about an executive order on well drilling

June Moua looks to see how the groundwater pump is working on her small farm west of Fowler on Tuesday, Oct. 19, 2021.

Growers are concerned that the order could slow or restrict access to groundwater.

Don Wright
Don Wright is the publisher of Water Wrights.

In late March, Governor Gavin Newsom introduced a drought-related executive order that adds a layer of bureaucratic approval to the permitting of new agricultural wells. The added labor has raised fears among the agricultural community that the order will amount to a moratorium on drilling new wells or even altering existing ones.

In this interview, KVPR’s Kerry Klein spoke about Executive Order #N-7-22 with Don Wright, publisher of Water Wrights, a website that provides water policy news and information to the agricultural community. Wright explained the nuts and bolts of the order and why it took the ag community by surprise, but also why there’s reason to believe its effects won’t be as severe as anticipated.