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Big Businesses Weighing In On California Drought

CA Dept of Water Resources

As the California drought stretches into its fourth year, the business community wants to have a say in how water is managed. From Sacramento, Katie Orr reports on a new collaboration announced today.

Companies including Coca-Cola, General Mills and KB Home say they want a greater voice in how the state manages water. The group says it will monitor implementation of the recently passed water bond and ground water legislation. It will also encourage conservation and recycling at the local level.

And the companies say they’ll look at their own practices as well. Ellen Silva is with General Mills. She says her company is looking for ways to promote smart water use.

Silva: “How can we tap into what’s happening? How can we help create new efforts? What is the unique piece of value that we can add to what should be a state led effort? But we realize that we have a part to play.”

Several companies say they’re trying to reduce water use. For instance, Coca-Cola now uses air instead of water to clean bottles and cans before they’re filled.