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Organizers Say Fresno Software Competition So Successful, It's No Longer Necessary


Downtown Fresno is just 163 miles from Mountain View, the heart of Silicon Valley and the home of tech giant Google, but in many ways it's a world away. But while the San Joaquin Valley may be known more for its produce than its programmers a local competition has been working for the past five years to change that.

The event is called the 59 Days of Code, and the competition will conclude with a showcase event on Saturday at the Fresno Convention Center. And according to event organizers, the 59 Days of Code event has been so successful in boosting the region's pool of technology developers that this year's competition will be the last, saying it's no longer necessary. 

Jake Soberal, the CEO of local technology company Bitwise Industries joined us this week on Valley Edition to talk about the end of the event, and how Fresno's software industry is beginning to gain momentum.  

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