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Report: California Women Faring Worse than Men During Economic Recovery


A new study finds women in California aren’t faring as well as men during the economic recovery.  The analysis was done by The California Budget Project and the Women’s Foundation of California.  

It finds employment among the state’s women declined by a little less than one percent over the past two years – while it was increased nearly two percent among men.

Chris Hoene with the Budget Project says cuts to programs such as CalWorks, the state’s welfare to work program, and cuts to state subsidized child care have largely affected women:

“State budget cuts and disinvestment in the program and supports that connect women to economic opportunity and security are imperiling the future of women and children and in that regard, bode ill for the state’s economy.”

Hoene says local government jobs have declined for the past four years. That includes public schools, which tend to employ a lot of women. 

He says additionally, enrollment in California community colleges dropped by 300,000 students between 2007-2008 and last school year.  He says women accounted for more than two-thirds of that drop.