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Can Anyone Sing Opera? Fresno State's 'Madama Butterfly' Gives Students And Faculty The Chance

Courtesy of Anthony Radford
'Madama Butterfly' opens this weekend at Fresno State's concert hall. Production of the show includes students, faculty, and guest performers.

This weekend, Fresno State’s Music Department will be performing the opera, “Madama Butterfly.” The hundred-year-old show is about the convoluted marriage of an American naval officer and  a Japanese geisha known as Madama Butterfly.

To learn more about the performance, and navigating racial stereotypes, we sat down with director and producer Anthony Radford, chorus master Cari Earnhart, and voice coach Maria Okunev Briggs. Okunev Briggs also plays the title role of Madama Butterfly.

The opera will be performed this coming Friday and Sunday. Tickets and more information can be found online.

Fresno State’s Music Department is within the College of Arts and Humanities, which is a financial supporter of Valley Public Radio.

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