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Pulitzer Prize Winning Play Opens In Fresno This Week, The Gin Game

Curtain 5 Theatre Group
The Gin Game

A Pulitzer prize winning play performed by local actors opens this week in Fresno. The Gin Game, written by D.L. Coburn and produced locally by Curtain 5 Theatre Group, runs Friday Nov. 11 through November 20 at the Fresno Art Museum.

The Gin Game tells the story of two senior citizens at a nursing home that become friends and end up playing  a lot of gin rummy together. The tragi-comedy details their relationship and eventually takes a darker turn as the friends try to humiliate each other. The play in Fresno is a fundraiser for the Fresno Art Museum. Tickets are $20 and can be purchased online.

To learn more we were joined by Curtain 5 Theatre Group Founder and Artistic Director Jerry Paladino on Valley Edition this week. To hear that interview click the play button above.

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