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KVPR celebrates Public Media Giving Days 2024

Did you know that public media stations broadcast to over 1 million people every day? That’s not all — in the last year, NPR measured 44 million radio listeners each week, while 100 million people watch PBS’s local TV stations every month!

Celebrate these achievements with us on the second annual Public Media Giving Days (PMGD) on May 1 and 2! Fueled by the combined efforts of PBS, NPR, local stations like KVPR and other affiliated organizations, we’re coming together to advocate for public media and to give back! And we need you to be a part of it!

On May 1, support. If you've never given to KVPR, make your very first donation. If you’re already a supporter, please give an additional gift on this special day. By investing in KVPR, you're helping us continue our valuable work in. Join us in making a difference!

On May 2, share what #PublicMediaGives to you and your community. Post, call, text, message or simply chat with your friends, family and neighbors. Spread the word about what makes public media so impactful. Your personal testimonials will inspire others to follow your lead.

On social media, tag KVPR if you wish, we love to hear your stories!

Instagram: @kvpr.news

Facebook: @valleypublicradio

X: @kvpr

Let’s continue to make history on this second annual PMGD! We hope to hear from you on May 1 and 2!