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Boston area police failed to act on reports for years before arresting serial rapist

Alvin Campbell Jr. is accused of sexually assaulting nine women over three years and will go on trial for rape and other charges. His sister is Massachusetts' Attorney General Andrea Campbell.

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Corrected: June 19, 2024 at 10:40 AM PDT
In reporting this April 24, 2024, story, and as of the date of this clarification, we have found no evidence that Attorney General Campbell interfered in the investigation and prosecution of her brother Alvin Campbell Jr. In the audio statement from her office, quoted and summarized in the story, Attorney General Campbell said she would “never interfere with or influence any investigation, especially one involving such serious allegations” and the prosecution had her “unreserved support.” As was highlighted on NPR.org, WBUR’s full reporting is available here. We will continue to report on this ongoing case.
Walter Wuthmann - WBUR
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