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America has fought regulations over baby formula and 'toddler milk' in 17 other countries. Why?

Baby formula is seen on a shelf in a Target store in Houston, Texas.
Baby formula is seen on a shelf in a Target store in Houston, Texas.

For parents, the question of how and what to feed your kids can be nerve-wracking.That’s especially true in a child’s early years, when the choice between breast milk and formula can be difficult to navigate. 

But for some parents, formula is a relief, and it’s oftenmarketed as being good for brain or eye health andhaving other developmental benefits.This has led to a huge market for formula and “toddler milk,” which is sold as a transitional beverage. 

Worldwide, according to one estimate from global market research firm Euromonitor, formula is a roughly $53 billion market.New reporting from ProPublica reveals that the U.S. government has long played a role in fighting regulations that would limit the marketing of formula and “toddler milk” in at least 17 countries. 

But why? What has this campaign looked like around the world?And what implications does it have for the health of infants and toddlers? 

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A.C. Valdez