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Memoir 'Starry Field' tells an uncovered history in colonial Korea

The cover of "Starry Field" and author Margaret Juhae Lee. (Courtesy)
The cover of "Starry Field" and author Margaret Juhae Lee. (Courtesy)

Margaret Juhae Lee used her training as a journalist to unearth the story of her late grandfather who had been imprisoned by the Japanese in Korea in the mid-1930s. She tells that story in her new book “Starry Field: a Memoir of Lost History” and talks with Deepa Fernandes about it.

Book excerpt: ‘Starry Field: A Memoir of Lost History’

By Margaret Juhae Lee

From “Starry Field.”Used with permission of the publisher, Melville House Publishing. Copyright © 2024 by Margaret Juhae Lee.

This article was originally published on WBUR.org.

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