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What To Do With All Those Dead Pine Trees? Take A Class, Build A Gazebo

Aug 2, 2016

Due to drought bark beetles have ravaged lots of pine trees in the Sierra Nevada forcing homeowners to fall dead trees around their houses. Now one organization is offering a class to teach people what they can do with all these dead trees.


Instead of hauling dead pine trees killed by bark beetles to sawmills across Central California, Jonathon Tepperman with the group Dirtlab Bushcraft wants to offer another option to homeowners.


“It’s the materials that are on their property that at this point that they’re going to have to deal with one way or the other that in a few years will not be in a condition that they can be used for anything other than firewood," says Tepperman. 


In September he’s offering a class near Shaver Lake where he’ll teach survival skills, the basics of falling trees and the knowledge of how to build timber framed structures like gazebos.


"They can on the spot with the help of some friends or really just some minor tools and equipment turn that into structures and do something with that wood for themselves," says Tepperman.


The week long wilderness self-reliance course will be held September 10th-17th and costs $600. For more information visit