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On Valley Edition: Arvin 'Bucket Brigade'; Kern County Cancer Fund; Campaign Spending

Oct 17, 2012

Arvin "Bucket Brigade"
The small Kern County community of Arvin has some of the worst air in the nation, thanks to geography and numerous pollution sources. But now some citizens are taking matters into their own hands, with a "bucket brigade" that aims to clean up the air by monitoring pollution themselves. On Sunday they gathered outside a local composting plant to protest what they call a major community polluter.  But their “do it yourself” efforts at monitoring pollution are not without controversy. Valley Public Radio's Joe Moore has this report:

Kern County Cancer Fund
The Bakersfield Relay for Life has raised millions of dollars for the American Cancer Society over the years. While that is good, some in Kern County wanted more of that money to stay in the community. That’s why a group of community leaders started the new Kern County Cancer Fund. On this segment of Valley Edition we talk about what this new group hopes to accomplish and how millions of dollars will soon benefit local cancer patients. 

How Much Money Does it Take to Become President?
This year’s presidential election is supposed to be about the issues. But the big issue is money. On Thursday night a special event at the Bakersfield Museum of Art asks “how much money does it take to become president?” On this segment of Valley Edition with talk with Joe Matthews, from the group Zocalo Public Square about the issue of money and politics.