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New Report Evaluates Costs, First Steps Of Establishing UC Merced Medical School

Apr 27, 2018

A medical school at UC Merced has been on the table since before the university was even built. Now, the University of California and a local legislator are renewing their efforts to make it happen.

A report published this week by the University of California Office of the President estimates a medical school at UC Merced would cost $150 million in up-front costs alone. That doesn’t include the roughly $30 million dollars needed annually to run it.

The report also recommends establishing an endowment to support the med school in the long term, and includes a proposal for how to phase the school in over time.

Also earlier this week, a bill that would set aside state funding for a UC Merced med school passed its first committee vote in the state legislature. Assembly Bill 2202 was introduced by Assemblymember Adam Gray in February.

In a statement, UC Merced spokesperson James Leonard said the school is grateful to Assemblymember Gray “for his consistent interest in improved medical education.” Leonard looks forward to laying a solid foundation to eventually support a medical school, “but only after permanent funding and resources are realized.”