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California in Violation Of Safe Drinking Water Act

Apr 22, 2013

Credit Valley Public Radio

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says California is in violation of the Safe Drinking Water Act.

The federal government has provided the state one-point-five billion dollars to make loans and grants to water systems across the state. But since October 2012, about a half billion dollars remains unspent.

EPA Regional Administrator Jared Blumenfeld says in many cases the money has been committed, but the projects are not “shovel-ready”. As a result, other communities’ drinking water needs remain unmet.

“We need to make sure that there’s a schedule for how to spend it properly and do it quickly. There are many projects out there. Our last estimate is that California has about 39-billion dollars of drinking water infrastructure needs,” says Blumenfeld.

California’s Department of Public Health administers the drinking water program. It has 60 days to come up with a plan to spend the money, or risk losing it.